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The Devon Honeybee Lineage Report - Tavistock Beekeepers Online Presentation

Updated: Mar 28

In the world of bees, where pollination meets intricate genetics, the mysteries of hybridization have long fascinated researchers and beekeepers alike. Now, in 2023, an exciting collaboration between The B4 Project, BeeBytes, Pollenize and Devon CC Agri-Tec, has shed new light on the degree of hybridization among honeybees in Devon County, sparking both surprise and intrigue within the beekeeping community.

The journey began when The B4 Project enlisted the expertise of Pollenize to delve into the genetic makeup of honeybee colonies across Devon. An impassioned call was sent out to beekeepers throughout the county, urging them to contribute samples from their colonies for analysis. With enthusiasm and dedication, beekeepers answered the call, offering valuable insights into their own bee populations.

The samples, meticulously collected from various colonies, were entrusted to BeeBytes for analysis. This collaboration between Pollenize and BeeBytes proved to be the cornerstone of the study, as their combined efforts meticulously dissected the genetic composition of Devon's honeybee population.

Now, the fruits of this laborious endeavor have been unveiled in a comprehensive report, delivering findings that have left many astounded. The results, which you can find attached to this post, paint a vivid picture of the intricate interplay of genes within Devon's honeybee community.

To celebrate this milestone and share the groundbreaking discoveries with the beekeeping community, key figures from Pollenize and BeeBytes, will present and discuss their findings with interested beekeepers. This virtual event will be hosted by the Tavistock Branch of the Devon Beekeepers' Association (DBKA)

Read The Devon Honeybee Lineage Report

Devon Lineage Report
Download PDF • 1.30MB

Event Details:

Date: Monday 1st April

Time: 7:00pm

Duration: Approx1 hour


  • Presentation (20-30 minutes): Led by esteemed experts including Matthew Richardson from BeeBytes, Norman Carreck, Mark Barnett from BeeBytes, and Will Bayfield-Farrell from Pollenize, this segment will delve into the key findings of the study, unraveling the mysteries of honeybee hybridization in Devon.

  • Q&A Session (30 minutes): An interactive session where attendees have the opportunity to pose questions, share insights, and engage in discussions with the panelists, fostering a deeper understanding of the research and its implications for beekeeping practices.

How to Join:

Meeting ID: 863 2725 4557

We look forward to welcoming you

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