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The Women and Bees Collective.

Updated: Mar 4

In a world where environmental consciousness is paramount, there are individuals who stand out, dedicating their lives to the preservation of one of nature's most crucial creatures: the bee. The Women and Bees Collective is a remarkable gathering of passionate women from various backgrounds, united by their love for bees and their commitment to sustainability. Let's delve into the lives and missions of these inspiring women who form this collective

Jilly Halliday

Former florist turned bee enthusiast, Jilly channels her creativity into the science and sustainability of honey bees. She founded the Scillonian Bee Project, promoting community-based, natural beekeeping

Arit Anderson

With a gold medal from RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Arit is not only a garden designer but also an advocate for gardening in a changing climate. She co-founded the Sustainable Landscape Foundation, emphasizing the importance of environmentally friendly practices.

Martha Kearney

Renowned journalist and presenter, Martha has delved into the world of bees through documentaries like "The Wonder of Bees" and "Hive Alive," showcasing their importance in our ecosystem.

Paula Carnell

Overcoming illness, Paula transformed into a TEDx speaker and beekeeper. She advocates for sustainable beekeeping practices, emphasizing the link between bee health and human health.

Esther Coles

As an actor and beekeeper, Esther brings her passion for bees to various platforms, including her podcast "Queen Bee Podcast" and a radio comedy about beekeeping.

Sarah Wyndham-Lewis

Co-founder of Bermondsey Street Bees, Sarah is a professional honey sommelier, promoting sustainable beekeeping practices and the authenticity of honey.

Claudia Bradby

Inspired by her love for wild swimming and beekeeping, Claudia incorporates her passion into her pearl jewelry designs while supporting bee conservation efforts.

Brigit Strawbridge

A nature lover and campaigner, Brigit raises awareness about native wild bees and their importance in our ecosystem through her writing and speaking engagements.

Alison Benjamin

Former journalist turned bee advocate, Alison works with Urban Bees to make cities more habitable for wild bees, emphasizing the importance of biodiversity in urban environments.

Professor Grace McCormack

With expertise in zoology and evolutionary biology, Grace studies the resilience of bees to environmental challenges, shedding light on ways to support bee populations.

Dr. Grace Twiston-Davies

Co-founder of the Wildflower Collective CIC, Grace focuses on creating spaces where both people and pollinators can thrive, utilizing her research in grassland restoration.

Clare Densely

Educator and beekeeper, Clare fosters a deeper understanding of bee colonies and their dynamics, emphasizing education over breeding and honey production.

Aoife Nic Giolla Coda

Dedicated to conserving the Native Irish Black Honey Bee, Aoife's work at Galtee Honey Farm ensures the preservation and distribution of this important genetic resource.

Tessa Brooks

Working with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, Tessa raises awareness about the decline of bumblebee populations and works with businesses to create and restore habitats for these vital pollinators.

Jean Vernon

Award-winning garden and bee writer, Jean champions bees and wildlife through her writing and educational initiatives, demystifying beekeeping and promoting biodiversity.

Liz Childerley

From beekeeping as a hobby to a career as a bee inspector, Liz works tirelessly to ensure bee welfare standards and educate others about the importance of bees.

Ann Chilcott

Beekeeper and teacher, Ann promotes bee conservation and education in the Scottish Highlands, playing a vital role in preserving fragile pollinator habitats.

Andie Hill

Artist and natural beekeeper, Andie emphasizes harmony with pollinators and the environment, advocating for responsible gardening practices.

Shelley Glasspool

Qualified bee farmer, Shelley works to protect and develop local bee populations in Cornwall, adapting her beekeeping practices to changing environmental conditions.

Meriet Duncan

Writer and beekeeper, Meriet shares her knowledge of bees and their importance through children's books and international initiatives like Bees for Development.

Kate Brown (Walker)

While pursuing her interest in performing arts, Kate supports her husband's passion for bee conservation through the B4 Project, hosting beekeeping events and raising awareness.

Donna Cox

Chair of Moor Meadows, Donna celebrates and promotes wildflower meadows, vital habitats for pollinators like bees, in Devon and beyond.

Sally Coulthold

Bestselling author and columnist, Sally educates her readers about the importance of bees and offers practical solutions for bee conservation in her book "The Bee Bible."

Lynne Ingram

Master Beekeeper and advocate for honey authenticity, Lynne's work focuses on bee welfare and combating the rise of adulterated honey.

Maggie Freeguard

Beekeeper and volunteer for wildlife conservation, Maggie's work with local bees and wildlife initiatives highlights the interconnectedness of ecosystems.

These remarkable women, each with her unique background and expertise, come together under the Women and Bees Collective to advocate for bee conservation, sustainability, and education.

Inspiration and Action: A Call to Join Hands

These remarkable women, each with her unique background and expertise, come together under the Women and Bees Collective to advocate for bee conservation, sustainability, and education.

Together, the Women and Bees Collective stands as a beacon of hope and action, showcasing the power of collaboration in tackling pressing environmental issues.

The B4 Project supports this initiative, with its focus on bee health, biodiversity, and sustainable agriculture, the Women and Bees Collective exemplifies the transformative impact that passionate individuals can have when they come together for a common cause.

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