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Promoting our native dark honey bee through sustainable beekeeping

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B4 exists to promote our native dark honey bee through sustainable beekeeping in biodiverse and healthy ecosystems

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conserve our British native honey bee.

Home Purpose

The Project

The B4 Project is a Community Interest Company


B4 exists to promote the native dark honey bee through sustainable beekeeping in biodiverse and healthy ecosystems

This involves three related strands of focus. 

  1. Scientific research,

  2. Conservation and restoration programs,

  3. Sustainable beekeeping framework.

All elements are critical to ensure that our work is rooted in rigorous science and drives on-the-ground change.


What is B4?

Apart from technically a CIC!

We are a group of people who are active, interesting, get on well together and do things.  Drawn together we inspire each other in lots of different ways. Our activity spawns diverse groups and actions. Our meetings are about much more than black bees and they encompass topics related to the ecosystem of which the black bee is an important member.

Our values

Science-based approach

We support and fund academic research and work with diverse experts in honey bee conservation, ensuring our work is rooted in rigorous science.



We are an open-minded, welcoming group.  We embrace expertise, support and input from diverse sources, and deliver our best work through a partnership approach.



Transformative conveys the scope of our ambition.  Our work ultimately seeks to restore healthy ecosystems.  We balance a sense of urgency with optimism that we can reverse environmental degradation.



Environmental degradation is an ongoing challenge and efforts to restore our ecosystems must adapt accordingly.

Our knowledge is not static: we seek to deepen our understanding to continue to drive effective change.



Transformation begins with conservation – our work saves the native dark honey bee, thereby protecting our ecosystems and encouraging biodiversity. Through this, we strive for restoration of our natural environment.



We seek to engage broadly in the issues we tackle.  At its heart, our work strives to promote sustainable beekeeping and our focus is to encourage this work.

The B4 Project is proud to have worked with and been supported by:

  • Prince of Wales Charitable Foundation 

  • 1% For The Planet 

  • Heritage Lottery Fund 


Latest News

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