Mount Edgcumbe House and Country Park


Mount Edgcumbe Country Park Black Bee Reserve  Opens 25th May 2017


B4 has secured £10000 of funding from Tesco’s Bags of Help initiative.

Bags of Help will see money raised by customers through the 5p bag charge go directly back into the local community.

The public bee display will be part of a breeding program to improve the indigenous stock of rare bees in the 800 acre Public Park at Mount Edgcumbe and will be the public interface of the Black Bee Haven at the Park. We will not only be protecting a remnant population of the native Apis mellifera mellifera (Black honey bee) in the park but raise public awareness of the general plight of the bee populaton.

Improving the conservation linked displays, activities and access to Mount Edgcumbe will benefit the large population of Plymouth as the Country Park is a publicly-owned space.